Monday, September 23, 2013

My Thoughts on Weaver's MILW Ribside Cars

I picked up one of these cars.  Overall if you don't have the time to build any of the Rails Unlimited kits, then this car isn't bad if you need these.  Compared to the H30s and the Wagontop cars, which were done in China (This car was made in the US I believe), the detail on this car is not as fine as those.  The only details off the top of my head without looking into my RPCyc book is that the grab irons don't appear to be the correct AAR style and that the longitudinal running board support appears incorrect.  Below is a photo essay of the car.  Its up to you to decide if you want it.  I'll stick with my 4 completed RU kits.

Ladder rungs are a bit thick.

No piping between brake line components.

Wrong style grabs.

Great door.

Thick and non-scale roofwalk supports.

Molded-in grabs on ends.

Brake wheel area looks legit.

1st at Indy '13

I'm writing this while waiting for a flight back from Indy.  Took a little detour after the show.

Good show overall.  Attendance may have a been a little light.  Hope its not the sign of the times.

I enjoy competing against other modelers from around the country at these contests put on at these shows.  It helps motivate and inspire awesome work by many.  Its always nice to see other's work as often one does not see it otherwise.

It would appear only my CofG GP18 placed in the contest, but I also brought an extended-height LO in SOU paint.  Below are pictures of both.  They will need weathering, but I have several other projects cluttering my workbench I want to finish and then get some scenery done on the layout.