Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Meet '13

So I had heard about this meet for a year or two now.  Pretty much the must goto meet of O scale 2R.  Even more-so than the national conventions.  I finally had some air miles racked up and found super cheap tickets, so I planned a same day trip to the show.

I was able to fly in and fly out using public transit on Saturday, which worked like clockwork despite St Pattys Day events (CTA and Metra).  The hotel's bus was the only shortcoming of that plan, which I had to wait out in the cold for 20 minutes before they picked me up and they weren't picking up their phone while I was on the train...

Show itself was great - my first time at this particular show.  Met a few folks for the first time and was able to catch up with friends I've known for awhile.  Highlight of shopping was picking off of Bill Davis' table and the Keil Line table.  Grabbed a lot of things I've wanted but never seen offered before.  Very cool.  Wasn't expecting to get any cars, but found 2 that would work at the right price, a Weaver B60 baggage and a random AtlasO SAL boxcar.  Got some other detail parts and decals that I was needing and that was that for goodies.  There isn't a lot out there I want at this time, so I was surprised to get something.

Model contest room had a lot of nice stuff like the Lee Turner RS3 that won the entire show with custom engine and steam generator.  Spoke to him (not knowing who he was at the time) for 2 minutes afterwards and he said he had a family member work for Alco on those units and had photos on everything including the door hoods.  My NYC transfer caboose won 1st place in the caboose category, which is always a good feeling. It got beat up a little bit through all of the traveling I did, but nothing I cant fit.  It was a last minute decision to bring it too...glad I did.

Here are the photos I took of the contest room (and the flange lubricator from Keil Line).  I wish I had taken more of the show itself.  Hopefully I can make it back to this show, especially if this year's national is the last national for awhile (or ever).  I also plan to try to make this year's national and the Indy show. See you all at Strasburg on 4/6.