Sunday, December 6, 2020

2019 Visit to the RMCA

 I had been waiting to publicly release these two videos of the Railroad Model Club of Atlanta, in order to help traffic to their web presence, but with their website down, and time a ticking, I got the highball to go ahead and post these.  I will add their web presence once they figure out what they'd like to do.

Back in 2019, I had the pleasure of being allowed to visit the Railroad Model Club of Atlanta.  They've been written upon in magazines, but it was cool to see the actual layout, some of it dating back to 1937.

With me, I brought something they had never done before, a GoPro on a flatcar that allows for "cab ride" views.  I also attempted to take other videos, but we were all on short time, so I was only able to take one other video worth publishing.


Thanks to the club for having my friend I that warm summer day!

2019 RMCA O-Scale Layout Cab Ride

Great Southern Passenger Train Pauses Briefly on the RMCA

Below are just handful of images I took while I was there:

The Entrance

 View of the layout as you first come up the steps.

A view of the mountain as you continue into the layout area.

My GoPro car ready for its maiden voyage.

View from the mountain back toward the entrance.

Nicely detailed industries.

More industry.

Old school DC controls here.

Ground-level view of the roundhouse.

Some freight getting spotted.

Nicely-detailed industries lay tucked in the back corner of the layout.

Panoramic shot from the back of the layout.

Very nicely done log mill ramp.

View from the roundhouse area over the rest of the layout.

Amazing detailing on the station.

Waiting for the highball.

SAL action

Yet another view of this amazing station.

Overhead view of the roundhouse area.

View of the entire layout from the engineer's perch.

Home of the Great Southern Lines

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